We offer exclusive services for project development, construction management and engineering services.

Renewable Energy

We are dedicated to deliver modern technological solutions for today’s infrastructure development and provide new advanced sources of renewable energy

Petroleum and Gas

We provide a full, premium range of energy investments, management and back-up power solutions for oil, gas and petrochemical, power generation, transmission and distribution, general industries and more.


Grow Mine Africa (PTY) (GMA) is a new approach to farming that embodies regenerating natural resources with technology on a systems integrative basis for creating resilient, organic, non-GMO farming.

Water Sanitation

We provide new advanced sources of renewable energy, clean potable water and food production

Waste Energy

We provide sustainable farming agriculture solutions and recommend next generation green technologies such as W2E.

Who We Are

Grow Mine Africa (Pty) Limited is an international company armed with a broad base of knowledge and technicalsupport that has allowed it to commit to helping many countries with theirsustainable infrastructure needs. It has also supported innovative advancementsin the science of clean and abundant energy, fuel, and water and food production.

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What We Do


Grow Mine Africa (Pty) Limited Africa Is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to each of our clients.


Grow Mine Africa (Pty) Limited Africa Management team has dedicated their careers to delivering high quality projects.


Large scale utilization and rapid diffusion and deployment of solar technologies across the countries of Africa and The Middle East - at a scale which leads to cost reduction and affordability which will lead to the accessibility to all the people. Having access to virtually every Alternative/Renewable Energy and Sustainable Green Initiative, we can offer the most advanced implementation of multiple technologies.

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